Holistic Treatment of Acne

Holistic treatment for acne seems to you impossible but it is actually a medical fact acknowledged by thousands of acne sufferers who having been inflicted with the torments of acne, trying lots of recognized and non recognized therapies find miracle cure in the form of holistic treatment. If it is your option to have the skin without any blemishes you must try your best to go all out in quest of the treatment referred to here.

What is acne?

Acne is no fatal disease. it is a skin problem that affects generally the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and the lower extremities where there are many oil glands. Actually acne is the disorder of the oil glands that cause recurring appearances of pimples on the said parts. It is no life threatening ailment but it is nagging and if untreated may cause serious pores on the affected parts leaving darks spots.

Those who suffer from acne frequently are greatly disturbed when there is an appearance of a pimple on the face, as gradually pus is formed there and inflicts pain to the sufferer. Hence it is suggested that if you suffer from acne, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Sheer misery

Yes, those who suffer from acne for long time know quite well how thy have to be exploited by different companies and products made by them. All these known or infamous companies taking the opportunity of helplessness of the acne sufferers exploit them by all means leading them to wrong directions hinting at various cures available in the market. The acne sufferers without finding no other alternative, or it may be told in this way, having been desperate in quest of the proper remedy to alleviate their problems are trapped and their money goes wasted without offering any sweet outcome.

Acne Medications

There are numerous medications in the form of ointments, gels, lotions, creams to be applied to the affected parts .Besides, there are antibiotics to be taken orally either alone or along with the topical medications. Sometimes surgery seems to be effective for those who are the recurring sufferers of acne and who are cursed with the scars on the face. But in most cases the treatment proves nothing but absolute failure and the agony continues.

Diet and nutrition

According to many there is close relationship of these two things with acne. There is certain diet that aggravates the symptoms. Hence it is better to opt for that food that is not spicy. Again some medics are of opinion that if the sufferer of acne can take zinc gluconate daily may avert acne to some extent.

Alternative therapies

Alternative therapies like acupuncture, homeopathy, ayurveda, kampo (a Japanese medicine) can bring brilliant results if applied accordingly. If the patient seeks overnight result it is impossible. All these modes of treatment take time as they cure the ailment from the root. Hence if you want holistic healing for acne having been frustrated for continuous traditional treatments you can go out for it. One thing is absolutely said about the treatments that the medicines applied in this type of treatment are safe and bring back no untoward effects. Hence you may march forward for a permanent cure with the aid of the process.

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