Does drinking water help clear acne?

So does drinking water help clear acne i also got told popping your pimples makes it worstKali Answered:

Does drinking water help clear acne. That’s like asking “Is the ocean wet?” OOFFFFF CCOOUURRSSSEEEEEEEEEE!!! Water is the best thing for your acne.I drink 3 glasses of water for breakfast. I was getting my physical, and she told me the reason I never have acne is because I drink so much water. And yes, popping them is bad. My friend popped her 4 years ago, and I can see the scars on her face, so don’t!!

But if you are someone with a lot of acne, a couple glasses of water a day won’t cut it. You need to wash your face and eat less greasy foods too!!(:

nochocolate Answered:
No. and as for that retard up there. Food doesn’t affect it in anyway.

Hikikomori Looking for Love Answered:
Gurl~ Makeup will cover all that ugly. Or.. just pretend to be a drag queen..

Timothy Answered:
Get braces to fix your teeth. Talk to your doctor about your skin and hair to find helpful products. As far as the rest of it goes, just accept your body the way it is. You can be pretty despite that.

Brandon Answered:
Its obvious what is in order for you to do to look your best.

1. there are removable clear braces you can buy.2. Most people are uncomfortable with there nose. Its probably normal.3. Buy proactive.

4. Use shampoo that is designed to restore hair damage.

Rage the Ghost Answered:
Accept it and move on. There’s nothing wrong with not looking good. You’re just not pleasant to look at, that doesn’t mean your life is screwed.

You can get surgery, it’ll cost a bit but if it makes you happy then you should get it.

CeCi Answered:
I know this is so cliche, but seriously, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Some people were not born with physical attractiveness and that’s great, because that is what makes this world different and beautiful. I can’t see you, but I am positive you have some great features (whether they be physical or internal) that you can easily highlight and bring out. Only you can figure that out though so stop thinking negatively about yourself and start looking at the great features that you have and accentuate them! Blessings

what’s so wrong with being 5’5

AJ Answered:
i truly believe everyyone id beautiful in thier own way. look at the bright side of urself. and try to make it better. acne products, braces, and ur body has nothing rong with it cus its “just the way you are” lol that was kinda cheesy but true!!