Dry Itchy Skin Problem Solved

Having dry itchy skin is very uncomfortable and can be painful.  This is a problem that is common among both men and women.  Let’s look at the causes and then solve the dry skin problem.

How the Skin Works to Stay Moist

There are several compounds that work to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.  You need all of your basic vitamins, minerals and amino acids from proteins to help your body produce the necessary compounds.

Keratin, a structural protein, is one of the things that help to keep the skin moist.  It is a major component of all the cells of the skin’s outer layers.  It has the ability to absorb water from perspiration, from the air or from a shower and hold it inside of the cells.

Hyaluronic acid is another compound that provides moisture to the cells.  It also plays a role in the production of new cells.  It is composed of amino acids and glucose, a simple sugar.

Sebum is an oily, waxy fat produced by the sebaceous glands within the skin.  It is secreted to protect against friction and to help hold moisture in the skin’s cells.  Even perspiration helps to keep the skin moist and supple.

What Interferes with the Skin’s Ability to Stay Moist

In order for your body to produce perspiration, you must drink enough water.  Xeroderma is sometimes a symptom of chronic mild dehydration.

A lack of any nutrient could impede the body’s ability to produce keratin, hyaluronic acid and sebum.  Cleansers and tap water strip away the skin’s sebum, leaving it defenseless.

As we age, the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels become lower.  So, aging interferes with the skin’s ability to stay moist.  But dry, itchy, flaky skin is not an inevitable part of the aging process.

What You Must Do

The things you must do to heal and prevent xeroderma in the future include eating right and drinking enough water.  But, if you have dry, itchy, flaky skin on your face, the most important thing you can do is to use a nourishing Age Defense facial cream every day after you shower.

Why a Day Cream Will Work

Today’s best age defense day creams contain ingredients that work to improve the skin’s moisture content and its ability to retain moisture.  They work against the aging process.  The most effective ingredients according to clinical studies are Functional Keratin, wakame kelp extracts and grape seed oil.

Functional Keratin works just like the keratin in your skin.  It pulls moisture into the skin’s cells, absorbing it from wherever it can.

Wakame kelp extracts work to prevent the breakdown of the skin’s hyaluronic acid.  It does that by inhibiting enzymatic activity responsible for the loss.

Grape seed oil basically takes the place of the sebum that was washed away in the shower.  It is very close, on a molecular level, to human sebum.  It helps to hold moisture in and as an added bonus; it helps to keep dirt out of your pores.

What Benefits Will You See and Feel

The main benefit is that a nourishing Day Cream will heal Xeroderma.  If you are experiencing pain, you will notice that the cream relieves the pain and the itch.  That’s because Functional Keratin has natural anti-inflammatory activity.  Anti-inflammatories relieve pain and itch.

The appearance of your skin will be more youthful, because the ingredients work to correct the skin’s moisture balance.  Dry skin looks old and saggy.  It is more likely to wrinkle.

Your skin will feel smoother and less flaky immediately, because Functional Keratin and grape seed oil create an invisible film.  The film actually makes your skin look smoother than it actually is.

Finally, your skin will be healthier overall.  The Day Cream provides the nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy.

You can say goodbye to Xeroderma after the first use.  Functional Keratin alone has been shown to improve the skin’s moisture content by over 25% after the very first use.  The other ingredients work in a synergistic fashion to provide even better results.

What You Should Do Now

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