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Having dry itchy skin is very uncomfortable and can be painful.  This is a problem that is common among both men and women.  Let’s look at the causes and then solve the dry skin problem.

How the Skin Works to Stay Moist

There are several compounds that work to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.  You need all of your basic vitamins, minerals and amino acids from proteins to help your body produce the necessary compounds.

Keratin, a structural protein, is one of the things that help to keep the skin moist.  It is a major component of all the cells of the skin’s outer layers.  It has the ability to absorb water from perspiration, from the air or from a shower and hold it inside of the cells.

Hyaluronic acid is another compound that provides moisture to the cells.  It also plays a role in the production of new cells.  It is composed of amino acids and glucose, a simple sugar.

Sebum is an oily, waxy fat produced by the sebaceous glands within the skin.  It is secreted to protect against friction and to help hold moisture in the skin’s cells.  Even perspiration helps to keep the skin moist and supple.

What Interferes with the Skin’s Ability to Stay Moist

In order for your body to produce perspiration, you must drink enough water.  Xeroderma is sometimes a symptom of chronic mild dehydration.

A lack of any nutrient could impede the body’s ability to produce keratin, hyaluronic acid and sebum.  Cleansers and tap water strip away the skin’s sebum, leaving it defenseless.

As we age, the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels become lower.  So, aging interferes with the skin’s ability to stay moist.  But dry, itchy, flaky skin is not an inevitable part of the aging process.

What You Must Do

The things you must do to heal and prevent xeroderma in the future include eating right and drinking enough water.  But, if you have dry, itchy, flaky skin on your face, the most important thing you can do is to use a nourishing Age Defense facial cream every day after you shower.

Why a Day Cream Will Work

Today’s best age defense day creams contain ingredients that work to improve the skin’s moisture content and its ability to retain moisture.  They work against the aging process.  The most effective ingredients according to clinical studies are Functional Keratin, wakame kelp extracts and grape seed oil.

Functional Keratin works just like the keratin in your skin.  It pulls moisture into the skin’s cells, absorbing it from wherever it can.

Wakame kelp extracts work to prevent the breakdown of the skin’s hyaluronic acid.  It does that by inhibiting enzymatic activity responsible for the loss.

Grape seed oil basically takes the place of the sebum that was washed away in the shower.  It is very close, on a molecular level, to human sebum.  It helps to hold moisture in and as an added bonus; it helps to keep dirt out of your pores.

What Benefits Will You See and Feel

The main benefit is that a nourishing Day Cream will heal Xeroderma.  If you are experiencing pain, you will notice that the cream relieves the pain and the itch.  That’s because Functional Keratin has natural anti-inflammatory activity.  Anti-inflammatories relieve pain and itch.

The appearance of your skin will be more youthful, because the ingredients work to correct the skin’s moisture balance.  Dry skin looks old and saggy.  It is more likely to wrinkle.

Your skin will feel smoother and less flaky immediately, because Functional Keratin and grape seed oil create an invisible film.  The film actually makes your skin look smoother than it actually is.

Finally, your skin will be healthier overall.  The Day Cream provides the nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy.

You can say goodbye to Xeroderma after the first use.  Functional Keratin alone has been shown to improve the skin’s moisture content by over 25% after the very first use.  The other ingredients work in a synergistic fashion to provide even better results.

What You Should Do Now

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Having beautiful and Glowy skin is the wish of each and every person. There are several skin problems that cause damage to your skin and negatively affect your appearance. Mostly, acne, pimples, pigmentation, premature aging and others are the major skin problem. When it comes to treat or cure the skin problems naturally, Ayurvedic treatment for skin problem is the best method.  There are many cosmetic product infiltrated the market, but natural products and herbs are the most reliable and effective method of curing skin problems.

Nourish your skin:

* Exfoliate skin routinely * Have balanced diet chart including lots of fibers and drink water as much as you can * Pamper your skin by having mild massage

* Consumption of yogurt, honey and milk is the appropriate nourishment of skin and stops premature aging problem.

Pimples and Acne:
Pimples and blackheads are the results of excessive tea, coffee, oily food, spicy food, alcohol and others.

Some psychological causes are also available such as stress, tensions and depressions.

* Paste of sandalwood powder with the turmeric can be applied on your face * Wash your face thoroughly before going to the bed and apply coriander juice merged with turmeric powder

* Apply paste made from the cumin seed to remove pimples

It is the problem wherein the color of the body diminishes. It is also called as the discoloration condition of the skin sues to excessive exposure in sun, sleeping habits, unbalanced eating schedule and others. Ayurvedic treatment for skin problem could be applied properly.

* Prepare the mixture of five almonds, cream, few drops of lemon and apply it on your neck and face for 15 minutes. Afterwards just rinse it off with water. * Mash the papaya and apply it on your affected skin areas

* Make a mixture of basil and water to apply on the affected area

Premature Aging:

Premature aging refers to when people start feeling very tired and old before the exact age of old people. It contracts the growth of the muscles of skin and causes different skin problems. * Massage your face with coconut oil , almond oil or Ghee

* Apply Aloe-Vera on your skin to avoid premature aging.

It is all about the Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems and people can easily adapt one of them or collectively. These skin problems could be prevented and avoided if follow the proper healthy diet chart and lifestyle.

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Every day we are experiencing many types of skin problems since our environment is becoming contaminated day by day. Particularly, a lot of women undergo different sorts of skin problems as their skin is indeed sensitive. Beautiful skin works as a strong factor for women to represent their attractiveness.

Women feel hesitant if their skin is not so stunning and beautiful. That’s why it is really essential to solve their skin infections. There are available the important about women’s top skin problems and the ways of cure.

Skin problem 1: Wrinkles

Women’s mostly faced top skin problems is namely, Wrinkles. Basically, Wrinkles are almost unavoidable problem for the women. You should avoid stress, smoking, excessive sun burn, over diet and weight loss since they lead to wrinkles.

You can get rid of this top skin problem by taking some extra care of your skin.

You can use honey masks because honey is mostly used for treating the wrinkles problems. Apply a slight coat over your skin and keep it on your face for 25 to 30 minutes. Clean with lukewarm water. After that, massage an ice dice over your skin.

Blend smoothly 2 bananas and apply the creamy pest over your face and wait for 30 minutes.Now, through warm water wash your face. This will also helpful to you to remove your wrinkles. Apply the white portion of an egg over your whole face. you can apply that mask for tightening your skin.

Consume huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are indeed effective for your skin. Consume lots of whole grains that will give you recovered and healthy skin.Supplements like vitamins D and C complex are outstanding for reducing the possibility of top skin problem.

Problem 2: Dry Skin

Dry skin is another top skin problem of the women. If you undergo the dry skin problems then you ought to take extra care of your skin. There are many types of home remedies that are indeed useful to cure your top skin problem.

You can apply yogurt over your face as face musk. yogurt face mask can soothe, nourish and moisturize your skin as it contain alpha acids and beta hydroxyl. Apply 1/2 tablespoon of creamy yogurt over your face and wait for 15 minutes. After that, wash your face by lukewarm water.

Vitamin E and antioxidants are included in olive oil. prior to your bed time, massage olive oil over your face and keep the oil on your face for the whole night. The people who undergo eczema and psoriasis, olive is specially good for those people.

You can use honey for your dry skin treatment since honey includes moisturizing and curing capacities. Honey is produced by the honey bees, so it is a pure natural remedy for treating your dry skin. Apply pure and clean honey on your face as face mask. After applying the honey mask, you have to sit for 20 minutes and then just simply clean up your face by cool water.

Skin problem: Age Spotsfrequent

Age spots are indeed an annoying skin problem. If you already have this problem, then you may look for some solutions to cure your age spots.

You can apply castor oil over your face since castor oil is really helpful to fade your age spot. You ought to rub the castor oil over your face. Just go for it for 2 times per day. Apply the oil regularly. After one month, you can see the progress.

Other effective and supportive ingredients is lemon juice that is quite helpful to lessen your age spot problem. Apply fresh lemon juice over your face using a cotton ball. Massage it properly on your affected area. One thing that you should follow that you must not go under the direct sun with applying the lemon juice on your face.

Alo Vera is quite fit to remove your age problem and it is indeed a successful component. Besides curing the age spot problem, Alo Vera is fairly perfect to cure many sorts of different skin diseases. Applying the aloe Vera gel or cream will progressively fade your age spots. So just go for it. Rub accurately the Alo Vera cream or gel by a cotton ball over your affected skin.

The perfect solution of top skin problem is at the tip of your figure now, so whenever you face any sort of skin problems, simply apply the natural solutions remedies and you will get your skin improved.

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hello a male and my age is 17…my only problem is acne there are no pimples on my face but spots and tiny dents left by them..i have a fairer complexion and it looks a lot ugly..i refuse to go out just because of this..i feel a lot inferior near everyone..i fear that these spots will be permanent throughout my life…everyone i see has a nice, clear skin..why not me/??does god hates me?

Read more…

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Everybody needs to have good-looking, glossy and healthy skin. If skin is healthy than there will be less require of make up. Person will seem more beautiful without the aid of make up. Today there are several solutions relating to the skin problems, but people do not have proper information relating to it. Let us know various treatments relating to skin related problems.

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Skin Brightening Treatment

This treatment is done for the motionless, dry and dead skin.

This dealing not only treats the texture of the skin but also makes the skin glossy and squashy. In this the upper dead skin is removed by using the crystal. This treatment maintains the quantity of cologne and open pores. It is a painless treatment. This treatment can be done any time according to the problem of the skin but it is finest to do it after the age of 18. It is diverse from skin brightening facial, in this problems of skin are solved in more helpful method. This treatment removes the dead skin, treats the skin tanning, removes the wrinkles and treats all the problems related to the skin.

Skin Glow Treatment

Skin of the face is insightful and it comes in call with pollution, dirt, ultra violet rays etc. frequently. If right treatment is not done than there are dry wrinkled patches on the face. Along with brightening shine treatment can also be done for extra shine on the face. Where the brightening treatment removes the lifeless skin and gives life to the skin, there the de hydrating mask is used for the glow treatment. In this dead skin is removed and moisture is brought back by using the mask. It makes the skin excel and soft. This treatment should also be completed after the age of 18. This treatment does not need any special care.

Dark Circle Reduction Treatment

Nowadays the trouble of under eye dark circles is very widespread. There are lots of reasons of under eye dark circles. Some times there are hereditary reasons and few times they are caused because of staying in sunlight, less sleep, sitting in front of computer for long duration, consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee etc. There are lots of creams available in the market for removing the dark circles, but there are dark circle reduction treatment in clinics also. First of all the cause of dark circle is known than advise is given by the specialists. Where treatment is given through glycolic peel, micro current etc. at the same place homemade tips are also given to remove the dark circles. This dealing is also done through numerous sessions. After this treatment some of the precautions are taken for some time example rubbing the eyes, going out in sun etc.